Posted by: cydonian | July 26, 2006

Flash Fever.

It’s about a year since this happened, but I’ve been down with (what I call as) a flash fever today. This is a ‘fever’, in that it feels, well, feverish, but it is ‘flash’, in that it creeped up on me in a flash and then vanished. Or so I think. Or rather, I hope. By taking medical leave today, I’ve used up my quota of medical leaves this month. Yup, that’s right, su-janulaaraa, the flavour of outsourcing being what it is, I get exactly one medical leave per month.

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten proof that the house-ghost loves technology. Stay tuned to this spot, as I amass more verifiable evidence.



  1. Mucho better theme.

    Get well soon. etc etc.

    what has the house ghost possessed now? I hope it isn’t going to attack you through the electrical equipment.

    “You there! This toast is burnt! You lousy livuns don’t know when you have a good thing going. Why I oughta. Hey! Maybe I will!”

  2. ive been searching on the net for flash fever and you’re the only relevant article that came up! i woke up yesterday with a temperature of 103, went to the docs and while i was there it went up to 104 (thats 39.3 and 40 celsius), loaded myself up with paracetamol throughout the day and a few hours later it was gone! come this morning, its back up to 103. this afternoon, its gone. completely. whats the deal?!? and the only thing that can describe it is a flash fever!

  3. You’ve been working too hard my friend. 🙂 Take some rest, and STAY AWAY FROM THE NET!

    And oh, get well soon too! 😉

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