Posted by: cydonian | July 28, 2006

Getting Active and Such.

Just changed the theme a trite to see how this works. I like this theme better, for not just its absent bold yellow strokes, but also for its easy listing of categories to the right, so you don’t have to wade much to get to some older posts. Also, Blogspot sucks absolutely, and I’m wondering how I spent two+ years in that slum.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to this spot as I explore an old passion, historical narratives.



  1. I like this theme! I think it suits the title perfectly, too.

    And yes, the reason we stuck with Blogspoot was primarily one of lethargy – there was a time when it was good, but others have long since caught on and gotten better.

    And about bloody time since you blogged, dude. Get right on, now – NOW!

    *gets impatient and starts fidgeting around*

  2. oy!

    the widget button’s a start, but try the other variations to the theme. the smaller buttons look much better if you ask me.

  3. smaller buttons on the widget link i mean

  4. I was aiming for the blue scheme.

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