Posted by: cydonian | August 7, 2006

The Bellwether Bottom of our Rock Self.

…. and in the midst of a 548-line conversation with an old friend, we realize one of life’s greatest ironies: no matter how troubled, how shaken we are, we somehow end up being pillars of support for everyone around us. That’s why they come to us, that’s why they pay us, that’s why they need us, that’s why they talk to us. Which is why none of them want us to demonstrate our insecurities, our ungarnished holes in our outer self, our withering, whimpering inner voice that’s gasping for breath and direction.

It’s a cruel, cruel world, Hei Atman, and it’s made much more difficult by this responsibility. It wasn’t supposed to be this perspiring, it was supposed to be fun.



  1. not true. professional relationships demand that. sure.

    social relationships, if you’re infallible, you’re seen as aloof.

    demonstrations of humanity will only endear you to people. how you deal with it and get out of it determines how people look up to you.

    atleast that’s what i believe. works only in individual relationships though. mob think is different entirely.

  2. Indeed. So true.

    Alam: Demonstrations of humanity will endear you to _some_ people, not all. And usually, it’s the “not all” crowd that can harm you the most. I’m tempted to point you to Dune: People need superheroes, but they don’t have to like them.

  3. like i said. mob think.

    when it comes down to two people, being perfect never helps.

  4. Metlin: That’ll be my tag-line for the week – “People need superheroes, but they don’t have to like them”. 😀

  5. 🙂

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