Posted by: cydonian | August 9, 2006

Clashback: Sightings on Blogodom.

(Where we collate sightings on some of our RSS feeds into one single wank-fest. Also, this should have been posted yesterday; Opera and WordPress contrived to stop the post for a full twenty-four hours.)

ఏదేశమేగినా, ఏ పీఠమెక్కినా: Where in the world is Carmen Santiago?

Dr Amardeep Singh, who runs an otherwise erudite, Indian lit.-oriented blog, writes about an American of Indian descent who’s running for some political post in the Favored Nation. You’ll never guess from whose blog he got his information from.

Yes Virginia, we know him, and we’ve been missing him and his posts; could someone point him to our new blogs? That should bring about this cycle-chain of wankery at levels unreached before.

On further reflection, we find that this post is dated October 2005! Why does my RSS feed list it as the newest post?

Cramming versus Cramming: On How To Get Married.

Shishir, a university buddy, dear friend, colleague and cubicle-sharer, at various stages of my Singapore sojourn, had recently mused on marriages. Just as he had cajoled the rest of the desi junta here into reading his rant, he had also asked me for my views. I obliged.

While my views on marriages are well known to the two of you who frequent this site, I should re-iterate here that I’ve long decided that I would never never never go through that three-week fishing trip that most (male) non-resident Indians make, in order to find brides for themselves. Family-fixed match or not, I think it’s fairly disgusting the levels to which some folks in the desi community would stoop in order to get themselves married.

Also, as I was mentioning this to a common friend, thanks to Metlin, I can’t think of Indian women anymore without an image of excess, frivolous hair floating through my viewscreen. Even Bipasha Basu (insert discussion on brown skin here) seems to be susceptible to this imagery. He knows what he did (or rather, said), and I’ll let him explain it in its entiriety.

Thanks a million bud; just what I needed.

Still stuck in the desert sand: Is Railing against Hizbolla

Speaking of which, Metlin has pulled off an impressive third RSS feed (you’ll only see two articles on his blog; the second feed is an updating of his first) on the very same topic in three days! That is an impressive achievement when you consider that thousands of other blogs are also talking about the same shit, and that CNN Asia has cancelled the Daily Show – Global Edition for three weeks in a row to further talk about this topic, and that BBC World had reduced the human fatalities to a popcorn-packed, Volkswagen-sponsored soap-opera.

But wait, there’s more! Looking carefully at the title of his post, we realize that there could very well be a Part II to the Slashback! This is where we stop being impressed, start being wonderous and ask: how can there be a Part II if all the comments in the first have already been covered?

Then again, I suppose I shouldn’t be this flippant, not only for the odd random poster who might drop by and plead if someone, just someone, would think of the children (and remember kids, random posters are completely possible; one of the sides has strange, powerful, evil tools), but also for the fact that things did get quite emotive out there. First, Alam felt as stuffed as a well-prepared turducken, mostly for some chequered history between the two warring factions, and took the entire post rather personally. Then the mysteriously named N drops by, and drops by twice, thereby presenting him/her-self as the second duck of the season.

[Update] 2006-08-10: Just when we start joking about blowing stuff up, some crazied mo’fos are up to no good. I’ll comment on this in another couple of hours.

Drax to be you: Shanking at the roots

And finally, Mr Alam, Telugu critic extraordinaire, and Opera/ Apple fanboi par excellence, has finally admitted to being bullied by his younger sister. “[A]ll of my 24 and a half years” is how he put it.

As much as we’d like to pile up on him and dismiss his antics with ruthless snarkiness, we can’t but help appreciate that he’s had a rough day today, and wish him luck for whatever important shit he was getting done. Just lay off the pipe, man, you get more work done that way.



  1. Cydonian, i consider it quite interesting that you consider that people stoop to levels to get married. I feel it is a personal opinion at best. Could it be that they feel it is the better system ? Could they be doing it to keep parents happy ? Could they be doing it becuase it does not matter to them as long as the girl they marry seem good to them ? Could it be for many other reasons ?

  2. Fr0st P1st!

    Well, that out of the way, I will not delve into the topic of Indian women, lest the lasses that visit this blog decide to bodily harm me. Hey, to each his own, right? Whatever floats your boat and all that.

    On the other hand, why thank you! I pride myself on my trolling and flamebaiting abilities.

    I’d written a more detailed post, but FF crashed on me. Blood and bloody ashes.

  3. Shishir —

    If you are marrying to make your parents happy, or doing it just to get married, you’re seriously f*cked up.

    You’re going to spend the rest of your life with them, the least you could do is fall in love first.


  4. I will add something more — marriage should be for the purpose of spending time with someone else because you love them.

    It should be the effect, not the cause. The moment marriage becomes the cause of doing things (I’m doing this because I need to make my pet hamster happy), or the moment marriage becomes an end in itself, it is screwed up.

    And as for you citing percentages and numbers, let me tell you something — people divorce because they would rather try and find love with someone else than put up with something that they are not happy with.

    Don’t you think that is a much better quality than living with someone simply because you have to? Simply because you are scared shitless of offending your parents, friends, family and all that stuff?

    Personally, I’m glad that I wasn’t born into such a family, and I’m glad that I’ve the freedom to love first, and marry later only as a consequence of that love. That — that is something wonderful, that most Indians will never experience thanks to a screwed up system (and people who believe in such systems).

  5. Shishir: I’m not railing against arranged marriages per se, merely, that in many instances, it’s too fucked up to even think about.

    I say this completely from personal experience of course; some of the ‘matchmaking’ that goes on, at least in my community, is too brain-dead to even contemplate.

  6. Ha ha meltin, cydonian can tell you what is the name of logical flaw(i hvae heard him mention it), but your post at number 3 is logically flawed. It is called attacking the person and not the problem. It never helps. What you could do instead is to be more constructive in criticism. Else you just destroy relation at cost of personal enjoyment. Just my two cents.

  7. Excuse me, but I do not think you’d recognize an ad hominem attack if it hit you on the face — ad hominem attacks are aimed _primarily_ at the poster as a red herring. I dare you to show me a place in my comments where I merely attacked you to take the attention away from the topic and did not argue _for_ my POV.

    Btw, just because someone’s a retard does not mean you do not call them that — while you can argue other points, calling him that does not make the argument an ad hominem.

    Maybe you should read up on logical fallacies. And FYI — the you in the arguments is not _you_ the person, but rather you the people.

  8. And secondly, it’s Metlin, not Meltin. If you should insult me, please do it to _my_ name, not someone else’s name. I like to take these things personally, and it is a little hard to do so when you’re not even spelling my name right.

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