Posted by: cydonian | August 28, 2006

Clashback: The Story of Forgotten Fame, by A.K.

So that analysis from a few days ago? While that analysis is still resolutely on this blog alone, some of my associated rants on Outlook‘s website apparently got published in its deadtree edition as well. Scroll down for ‘Akshay, Hyderabad’, and ‘A.K., on e-mail’; c’est moi in both letters.

Nope, before you ask, not the first time it has happened, apparently; in fact, bears to point out that the first such letter was apparently published in, hold your breath, 2001!

That’s right, bhaiyyon aur behenon; your favourite blogger on WordPress has been writing letters, and getting them published, on an Indian newsmagazine for FIVE FRIGGING YEARS now. (That is, I know at least one letter got published sometime back, but didn’t realize the trail extends all the way back to 2001). It’s almost like being Rip van Winkle _and_ Dr. Jeckyll and Mr Hyde at the same time; I’ve had a split personality that’s been asleep for five years, apparently.

Seriously though, must mention that they had heavily editted both my recent posts; while I’m okay with the summarizing for the one on Pakistan (original article), the one on NAM (article, my original response) wasn’t really complete: I wasn’t just saying that Nehru mistrusted both blocs, he didn’t, merely that his choice for an ideological independence was instinctive, given his generation and his earlier participation in the Independence movement. This, I was pointing out, contrasts with a response from my generation; given the Soviet’s penchant for totalitarianism, I (we) would have instinctively turned to the American bloc.

In short, we (I) value freedom over independence; Nehru’s generation valued independence over freedom. That, you’d think, is a fantastic summary for fifty years of India’s foreign policy.



  1. Wait – both the article and the original response link to the same page?

    And btw, great conclusion – that summed it up pretty well than most things ever would! 🙂

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