Posted by: cydonian | September 16, 2006

Peeking Out Of The Closet.

So I’ve just bought Cryptomonicon, was shopping for Lego Mindstorms, and am trying to develop a new nerd-gasmic tool to automate unit-testing at work.

Nope, not yet coming out of my nerd closet, merely peeking out of it, although, frustratingly enough, a certain date-interest seems to have seen a fair amount of bubbling techno-scientific enthusiasm in me.



  1. First Cryptonomicon, then Lego Mindstorms and now geeky chicks?!

    Thou art becoming a minion of mine!


  2. Chick not geeky. Chick calls me geek. Me surprised. 😦 How could she have known? I was soo careful!

    In fact, me so sad, that me might go out and get the electric guitar instead of the MindStorms kit :’-(, so don’t gloat as yet.

    Besides, I’m still listening to Satin Jazz, and still dancing the tango, so.

  3. Ahhh.

    That I did not know. Poor you.

    On a serious note, though, the best thing that’s ever happened to me has been to find a girl who loves tech. as much as I do.

    There is a certain charm to be had from discussing the actual plausibility of a piece of technology from Dune, coming from a chick.

    Ah, well.

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