Posted by: cydonian | September 21, 2006


I saw the following message while checking my Gmail inbox during lunch-time.

Moments later, the page froze.

Coincidence? You be the judge.



  1. Oh, goodie!

    Now we have all the signs – Google is the real devil.

    Ha. I knew it all along, I tell you.

  2. Okay, I really shouldn’t have started out that comment with that Oh goodie remark now, should I?

    Think the new pope would mind?

  3. Think the new pope would mind?
    I think he’ll have a Devil-may-care attitude.

    (sorry :-D).

  4. He would know. 😛

  5. somewhere in [an undisclosed location], dick cheney’s ears are burning.

  6. hey, you should read this blog

  7. hahaha :))

    Ganesha pic / pooja stuff on the right is very impressive. Please don’t tell me you made the clay idol? :O

  8. Rads: Serendipity! Was going through your latest entry just now. 😀

    But yeah, to answer your question, nope, didn’t make the idol. 😦

    I usually have more tech stuff out on display for Vinayaka Chaviti (mostly floodlights and stuff), but was busy this time around, partying the previous day till late. 😀

    Vinayaka Chaviti is my favouritest Indian/Hindu festival, so I’m likely to do something for the day. There were festivities last year as well. 😉

  9. lol@floodlights. Last year’s picture was impressive, you even had the godugu eh? Now I really miss home and all the festivities… 😦

    I make the ganesha idol with modeling clay *a blatant brag* 😀 They turn out so cute, saying goodbye is hard!

  10. Rads: Know what, should attempt making the idol next year!

    Out here, they sell all the puja saamagri alright, in Singapore’s very own simulcrum of Pondicherry’s JN Street, but because they import everything from India, the clay idols are relatively expensive; they sell them for S$10 a piece (while in India, they go for INR 10-20, as you’d probably know). Ironically, Plaster-of-Paris Ganeshas are cheaper because they last long, but me being both traditional and eco-conscious, I stick to only mat’t’i vinaayakas.

    Heck, that’s an idea actually:- we can even have a reality show where participants show off their wild sculpturing skills. We’ll have three judges for the competition, one a portly person speaking in street-slang, another a woman who tries to play good-cop, and finally, another who’s rude, speaks in an exotic accent, and plays bad-cop to the earlier woman’s good-cop.

    We’ll call it, Ganesha Idol.

  11. hahahah@ganesha idol.
    That was creAtive! 🙂 Those shows are a blasphemy to anything remotely competitive.

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