Posted by: cydonian | October 3, 2006

Committment Devices.

Mad props to Steve Levitt for accurately describing how my GRE prep is going.

Yes, bhaiyyon and behenon, we’re taking[1] the GRE on Nov 6th. Salient observations so far include 14-hour work-days (so I have no time, or energy, to prepare on week-days), a complete and total amnesia regarding probabilities, Euclidean geometry and other high school math, a surprisingly good showing in vocabulary, and a complete cluelessness regarding which universities to apply. I’m taking one thing at a time here; looking at maxing the test for now.

[1]- Curiously enough, we, ‘take’ tests in American English, and ‘give’ tests in Indian/British-English. Both refer to the act of answering questions in an examination.



  1. Good Lord, those were some horrifying Gre-related memories you brought back! Thankfully ‘gumpulo-govida’ was the way I went, ask me to re-do it, and I will go into cold sweats. The guys who author those exams are absolute maniacal sadists!

    Good luck tho, am sure you will ace it 😀

  2. Rads: Thanks! 🙂

    I’m actually waaay more cool about the exam (as opposed to univ apps) than what I sound here; the ETS honchos are absolute sadists alright, but we’ve figured out their Achilles’ heel, norming, and we aim to come out on the other (the right) side of the Bell curve.

    The fact that I seem to have forgotten high-school-math, though, doesn’t help the cause one bit. Still, a month to go; keeping my fingers crossed!

  3. Oh just chill, dude. Take a couple of shots, chill and go kickass.

    And here’s a hint — most of the good schools in here don’t pay particularly attention to the GRE. Other things such as papers, research and workex go a long way.

    Goodluck! 🙂

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