Posted by: cydonian | October 25, 2006

Reporters sans Analysis.

I just saw the listing for India, and all I can say is this: these guys don’t know what they’re talking about.

Your +5 insightful mods here.



  1. what do you find erroneous in the listing..

  2. kuffir: Click that link, and you’ll see an elaborate description. 🙂

  3. cydonian,

    i’d read the article linked to…maybe i’m not too bright this evening, but your help needed in spotting the errors..apart from the inflated population figure.

  4. Kuffir, there are two links in my post, one to Reporters san borders, and the other to my post on Slashdot. This one, in particular.

    Was feeling lazy to copy-paste the same points here again, so decided to link to it instead. It has a full listing of whatever I found objectionable in RSF’s blurb.

    India’s population figure, btw, isn’t really that inflated; current estimates do suggest that we’re 1.1 billion now.

  5. I was quite amused to find Indonesia and India pretty much level in their press freedom rank table. Indonesia, where if you’re powerfully connected and someone writes a negative article on you you can have a ‘spontaneous’ mob attacking the newspaper’s offices within hours..

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