Posted by: cydonian | December 25, 2006

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  1. Some of the most fun Globish I’ve read is on JeevanSathi.

  2. With reference to the above, please refer to the same once more.

    Arre, we are Indians, we are speaking not Globish. We are speaking Ind-glish only. Globish is a trade pidgin, it is what is used to talk between two people with no common language and all. Hence, those people come up with explanations to say simple simple things. Just for example, please refer to the example for ‘kitchen’ given in the article.

    But, Ind-glish is not at all like that. It is the language of the moffusil judge, the bandobust-organizing police-wallah, the bamboozled rowdy-sheeter and the gherao-ed neta. Like the Ambassador car, it is ek dum fit for indigenious use only; some some times, people from phoren cannot understand what we are saying. It is not a ‘chalta-hai’ dialect where it is used for timepass. It is very much rule-based; it is as per how we learn in schools and colleges and what not.

    With such a glorious history, don’t you think so Ind-glish is totally different than Globish?

    [Playing the part of an indignant desi since 1982. 😉 A warm welcome to the blog, nicky!]

  3. (desi => slang for a cheerful South Asian. But you knew that already)

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