Posted by: cydonian | March 14, 2007

links for 2007-03-14



  1. Poor [Racist taunt censored.]

  2. waka waka ooooh maka [Seemingly drunken rant censored]

  3. Yonda: I find your comments obnoxious, and will continue to blot them out if you persist with taunting my ethnicity and me.

  4. Hey fucktard, scared someone is gonna slip heroine into your fucking baggage ?
    [Blotted. To answer, nope.]

    no one made any ethnic slurs here brahmin.
    [Not slur. Taunt. Obnoxious eitherways.]

  5. fucking [More vitriol blotted.]

  6. heroine horine horine….aaah in your office bag…tut tut……do you want to open the mouse in your office and check whats in it 😉 ?

  7. Yonda: Hope your parents are doing well too. Send my regards to them.

  8. tell me, my telugu friend, i’v been observing you for a long time. Everything you do. Do you like Singapore ? Do you want to take up Singapore Citizenship ? Yes ?

  9. so. watch any good movies lately? get some fresh air? live a little? or is it generally wank around on the internet?

  10. ఫ్లికర్లో మీ బొమ్మలు చూశాను. చాలా బావున్నై.
    ఇప్పటికి తెలుగులో బ్లాగకపోతే – ఇక బ్లాగారంభించండి.

  11. కొత్త పాళీ గారు: కృతజ్ఞతలు! వృత్తి రిత్యా పని ఎక్కువై ఈ మధ్య కాలంలో బ్లాగించలేకపోయాను. కాస్త ఓపిక పడండ, కొత్త తెలుగు బ్లాగు మొదలుపెట్టాలనది ప్లాను. 🙂

  12. ఇంకొకటా? ఉన్నదానికే గతిలేదు. మళ్ళీ కొత్తదెందుకో. హుం! కానివ్వండి.

    అయిననూ అశ్వమధిరోహించలేనివారికీ బ్లాగులేలనో. తమరి పిండము.

  13. emiti, asalu kanapadatalledu? Pictures chala bagunnayi. Mee tatagaru ‘Sankarabharanam’ sastrygaru laga unnaru 😀

  14. eemi cheddaamanDi, chaala bijjy ayyipooyaanu eemadhya. blog cheyyaDaaniki assalu teerikE dorakaTleedu. 😦

    Heh, nijaaniki taatagaaru maamuulugaa pants-chokka-lO vunTaaru. aité, aa chót’u mari s’ankaraabharan’am tísina area né… tU gO jilla, mari. 😀

  15. oh avunaa..
    but you know the picture brought some nice memories mixed with a fair amount of nostalgia. I go through times when I worry that as we steadily head into the future, folks dressed like your [and mine] gparents and the atmosphere surrounding such authenticity is moving further and further away.
    I mean, after that generation I don’t see many willing to carry on that torch. Even if they do it would be so much like a ‘fashion show’, with an air of pretentiousness.

    anyways, edo feelingtho rasesanu, busy ante lea cheppu, you ought to entertain yourself with some writing too! me thinks 🙂

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