About. బ్లాగ్ గురించి.

Imagine you’ve just captured a Royal Bengal Tiger (panthera tigris)  from the deepest regions of the Dandakaranya, and, after suitably training him in C#/ASP.net technologies, have caged him in a cubicle. Imagine you were able to capture his frenzied shrieks between his builds, him complaining on how unfair it is to expect all Turkmen kids to memorize the Turkmenbashi, or how we are but simulcra in a larger meta-narrative.

As interesting as those outpourings might be, these posts aren’t those. The message now self-repeats in Telugu.

లేదండి బాబూ, పులులంటే నాకు నిజంగానే ఎందుకో ఇష్టం. నేనూ ఒక పులిని అని నేనే చెప్పుకోను, కానీ మీరు అలా నన్ను వర్ణిస్తే, నేను కాదన్ను. సీ షార్ప్ అంటే అంత మక్కువ లేదు, కానీ కూడు పెడుతుంది.

I no longer look like this. నేను పెద్దైంతరువాత ఇలా లేను.

I no longer look like this. నేనిలా ఇక లేను.



  1. 🙂

  2. Loved your image of the tricolour in sinusoidal waveform (did I get that right?). Is it possible to buy a hi res copy (without the wheel in the centre)? Will definitely attribute it to you. The very concept is so interesting!

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